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Your Spring/Summer Makeup Bag Essentials

With spring here and summer just around the corner, it’s time you re-organised your makeup bag and added a few new season essentials to your look. With the warmer weather, it’s best to lighten up on your makeup and create a more fresh faced look. At Beauty Time Therapies we have a great collection of beauty products that will allow you to do just that. Take a look below at some of our spring and summer makeup bag essentials. Jane Iredale Dream Tint This fantastic base product is ideal for... Read More


Mineral Make Up – What you need to know

Mineral make up is becoming more popular than ever as people want to go back to basics in a bid to help the environment and clear up their skin. Mineral make up has been a part of the beauty industry since 1970s and it has only been over the past decade or so that we have seen a real increase in the number of people choosing minerals over conventional make up. What is Mineral Make Up? Cosmetics made up of natural ingredients that are kind to the skin. Minerals such... Read More


Fuss-Free Skincare for Busy Beauties

I don’t know about you, but despite being totally, utterly in love with beauty, when it comes to skincare we really struggle to find the time (and, let’s face it, effort) to really look after our skin properly. There are so many lotions and potions on the market; so many different serums, creams, oils, cleansers and toners that skincare can become a bit overwhelming, so much so that it leaves us tugging for the face wipes at the end of the night, just for a bit of ease and simplicity.... Read More

Be Prepared for the Blackout

A fan of a smokey eye? Well get ready to rock it right up this season with the ultimate blacker-than-black eye look. This look is set to be HUGE for autumn/winter and we couldn’t resist telling you all about it. Be prepared to get blending, smudging and embracing rock chick eyes for the look of the season. With the party season on the horizon it’s time to get thinking about your ultimate party looks, and this is definitely set to be ours. High-impact, show-stopping and completely gorgeous, oil-slick black smokey... Read More

September Switch-Up: Say Hello to Jewel Tones

It’s time to wave goodbye to candy colours, corals and neutrals, and say hello to the trend that’s guaranteed to get your attention this A/W; jewel tones. Long gone are the baby pinks, the lilacs and the corals; this autumn it’s all about rich, deep tones of aquamarine, amethyst, cobalt blue and silver and gold, combined with ruby red lips. Plain and neutral are nowhere to be seen for the autumn, and instead this season’s palette is all about shout-out-loud colours, to create maximum impact. Choose creamy shadows in metallic... Read More

Giving the Illusion of a Thinner Face

It’s the burning question we all have on our lips; how can we make ourselves look thinner, without actually having to go through the painful process of, well, getting thinner? Dieting and exercise are important but if you’re looking for a quick-fix to appearing slimmer, or if you’re simply blessed with a rounder face, there are a few sneaky tricks and tips you can follow to slim down your features and give the illusion of a thinner face. First of all, you want to concentrate on the areas that you... Read More

The September Switch-Up: Lipstick

It’s officially September, and we are finally starting to see the first signs of autumn coming through. The thing we’re most excited about, however? The makeup, of course. That’s why we’re devoting the month of September to switching over our summer makeup and making space for those gorgeous A/W hues. Today we’re talking lips, and the change over from summer to autumn shades couldn’t be more dramatic. Long gone are the Barbie pinks, creamy corals and bright oranges, and instead we’re making way for a plethora of plums, red wine-stained... Read More

All About Eyeliner

Love it or loathe it, eyeliner is back with a vengeance for Autumn/Winter 2013. Whilst summer was all about bare-faced beauty, fluttery lashes and not a flick of liner in sight, this Autumn sees the return of the eyeliner, in full-force. This season it’s time to up the ante and get creative with your liner. If you’re an eyeliner newbie, it’s time to really do your homework as eyeliner is set to be HUGE for Autumn, and we’re not just talking a simply cat-eye flick. Think thick fierce graphic shapes,... Read More

What is your skin trying to tell you?

Whilst you may sometimes take your skin for granted, perhaps when it dries out or a dreaded pimple decides to sprout its head, your skin really is a vital organ that protects your body from bacteria, as well as regulating body temperature, and of course, keeping you all together. The largest organ on your body, your skin is actually a very clever device for showing signs of problems going on within your body. Thinking of it rather like a mirror, your skin generally reflects what is going on on the... Read More

Get Taylor’s Glam VMA Look

Over the weekend MTV’S highly anticipated Video Music Awards took place, and with it came the onslaught of stunningly beautified stars. Any rewards ceremony is an excuse for the celebs to glam up, but the VMAs in particular see the A-listers pulling out all the stops to get themselves on the best-dressed lists. We love a good awards ceremony for checking out just how well some of the stars scrub up, and this year’s show was no different. Whilst almost all the stars upped the ante in the glam stakes,... Read More